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Mardi Gras at Burning Man

Its Phat Tuesday and that means...Masks! Ribbons!! Beads!!! Gumbo!!!! Mutant Vehicles!!!!! Sazeracs!!!!!! Crawfish Boils!!!!!!! Jazz!!!!!!!! Chicory Coffee!!!!!!!!! Burlesque!!!!!!!!!! Mint Juleps!!!!!!!!!!!

Mardi Gras at Burning Man on Facebook

Jazz Funeral for the Man

Many traditions start with a specific purpose. Other traditions start only with a spirit, and their purpose is drawn to them. Our jazz funeral is the second kind of tradition, born in the vibrant spirit of loss and celebration, like the true jazz funerals of New Orleans. We invite all of Black Rock City to join us in our march, taking us from the French Quarter to the ashes of the Man and back. Before the parade, there will be an impromptu brunch in the French Quarter, and everyone is encouraged to bring whatever they would like to cook or share. Musicians are all welcome to join the main line. Mutant vehicles and other participants are all welcome to join the second line. If you are not bringing an instrument, feel free to bring libations or hydration to support the march.

Jazz Funeral for the Man on Facebook