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      The Black Rock French Quarter is a village at the Burning Man festival. The village is composed of various theme camps, each of which is devoted to a particular immersive experience, such as mixing cocktails, performing live music, baking breads and pastries, doing massage and bodywork, making and storing wine, crafting custom soaps, homebrewing beers, roasting coffee, cooking gumbo, or practicing meditation. The camps share these creative experiences with visitors, in an effort to transform visitors from consumers of gifts into participants in the creation of those gifts.


      Theme camps within the Black Rock French Quarter are each no more than a dozen members, to keep the teams intimate, and ensure that everyone feels personal responsibility for making their camp successful. Some camps, that eventually grow well beyond their dozen members, split into a number of smaller camps that work together to create larger structures or experiences. This process of splitting as a necessary part of growth ensures that camps do not expand beyond their ability to find leaders to manage their growth, and that no group ever becomes so big that the members feel anonymous.


      The Black Rock French Quarter is proudly a volunteer effort, in every sense of the word. This means that there are no mandatory shifts or assignments related to the gifts we give the community, but every member is expected to participate in every aspect of their theme camp. We do not recruit members just to have enough bodies to staff a camp or enough money to fund it, and we do not accept groups without getting to know and accept every individual within that group. Each member should expect to spend about a week in the months before Burning Man helping the village prepare, a day or so during the festival helping run their camp, a day at the end of the festival helping tear down, pack out, and clean up, and a few days after the festival helping get everything properly stored in the default world. There are no task masters setting your daily schedule or forcing you to do this work - you join the village because you want to be part of it, and there is no place for you unless you are enthusiastic about doing your share.

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