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The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in Black Rock City. When the Black Rock Desert was first colonized by the French Queen River Company, the city was originally centered on the French Quarter, or the Vieux Carre ("Old Square" in French) as it was known then.

Most of the French Quarter was built during the time of Spanish rule over Black Rock City, and this is reflected in its architecture. The bursting of the Dot-Com Bubble destroyed most of the structures built in the French Colonial Temporary style, leaving the city's new Spanish overlords to rebuild more modern Spanish Colonial Temporary structures.

In the present day, the French Quarter is famous as a center for visceral experiences, including dining (the Black Rock Bakery, Lonesome Gator Gumbo Cookery, and Sunset Supper Club), drinking (the Black Rock Brewery, the Black Rock Wine Cellar), music, and entertainment.

Cafe de la Fin du Monde, which takes donations of raw coffee beans and roasts them fresh before every cup, serves the early morning and late night crowds. The Black Rock Vineyards with their shade tree are a well know location for picnics and first kisses. The Botanica Bodhi Manman nan Bejeezus continues to be an object of superstitious whispers - in addition offering readings and spell casting, some claim to have acquired voodoo dolls and enchanted masks there.

The spirit of the French Quarter comes alive in its festivals, most notably Mardi Gras on Phat Tuesday and the Jazz Funeral for the Man. Details of these events and others are announced to members of a select group.